New paper again

2020-10-26 by Tomasz Suchocki

High Soluble Transferrin Receptor in Patients With Heart Failure: a Measure of Iron Deficiency And a Strong Predictor of Mortality has been accepted by European Journal of Heart Failure (IF=11.627).

Author list: Sierpinski, R., Josiak, K., Suchocki, T., Wojtas-Polc, K., Mazur, G., Butrym, A., Rozentryt, P., Meer, P., Comin-Colet, J., Haehling, S., Kosmala, W., Przewlocka-Kosmala, M., Banasiak, W., Nowak, J., Voors, A.A., Anker, S.D., Cleland, J., Ponikowski, P., and Jankowska, E.A.