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the 1st of Dec at 7:30 pm!



Rector’s Award

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PTBI 2020

THETA is ready for the PTBI conference! Have a look at our posters: here and here.

Theta Students Are Cool As Cucumber 😎 🥒

This year students belonging to the Bioinformatics Student Association are going to present 5 projects during the UPWR student conference! Topics can be found here (description in Polish).

2 in 1 for DL

Actually already from October … the new PhD and MSc in the group. Details here.

SKN ninjas!

Feel free to join the Bioinformatics Student Association meeting on Tuesday (10.11.2020) at 7:30 pm. More info is provided here 🙂

Married again? New habilitation? New job?

Click the picture to discover, but the secret is revealed only in Polish!