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New paper in the Open Bioinformatics Journal

M. Mielczarek, B. Czech, J. Stańczyk, J. Szyda, B. Guldbrandtsen. Extraordinary Command Line: Basic Data Editing Tools for Biologists Dealing with Sequence Data. The Open Bioinformatics 🐧 Journal. DOI: 10.2174/1875036202013010137


Author: W. Wilman

SKN… again :)

Feel free to join the lecture about THETA members projects. The meeting is organised by Bioinformatics Student Association 🙂

Author: J. Pierścińska

UPWr website hit, again (!) thanks to BKS

Bioinformatics Student Association Meeting

Another lecture organized within the frame of Bioinformatics Student Association activity 🙂