Seminarium bioinformatyczne

Prowadzący: Joanna Szyda, Magda Mielczarek


  1. Seminarium 1 – zajęcia organizacyjne
  2. Seminarium 2 – gr. 1 (Biological Sequence Analysis I), gr. 2 (Expression Analysis, Functional Enrichment, and Network Inference)
  3. Seminarium 3 – gr. 1 (Biological Sequence Analysis II), gr. 2 (Pharmacogenomics)
  4. Seminarium 4 – Przygotowanie prezentacji posterowych
  5. Seminarium 5 – Przygotowanie prezentacji ustnych: prof. Daniel Gianola, prof. Ben Hayes, prof. Paul vanRaden, Jean-Luc Doumont
  6. Seminarium 6 – Prezentacje posterowe studentów
  7. Seminarium 7 – Prezentacje posterowe studentów


B. Malmfors, P. Garnsworthy, and M. Grossman. Writing and Presenting Scientific Papers (2nd edition).


  • “(…) headings such as Objectives, Methods, Results and Conclusions.”
  • “Do not hide the conclusions at the bottom of your poster, place them at eye-level for the audience.”
  • “Each section of the poster should contain just a few important messages. You do not need to write complete sentences, so delete most of the words, but leave the meaning.”
  • “Don’t overload the poster. Leave some empty space.”

Oral presentations

  • “Focus on the main message”
  • “General structure for a presentation: introduction, body, conclusions
  • “Visuals support your talk”
  • “Use a font size that can be read from a distance”
  • “Don’t overload slides. Leave some empty space.”


Czasopisma do prezentacji:
BMC Bioinformatics
BMC Genomics
BMC Genetics
BMC Medical Genomics
BioData Mining
Plos Computational Biology
PLos Genetics
Bioinformatics (darmowe – starsze niż 12 miesięcy)