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PTBI contests

This year PTBI organizes contests for the best BSc, MSc, and PhD bioinformatic thesis!

The deadline for submitting your thesis is 15.01.2022 (PhD and MSc thesis) and 1.03.2022 (BSc thesis).

More info here.


New paper in Polish Archives of Internal Medicine

The paper of THETA’s member was published in Polish Archives of Internal Medicine!

Sierpiński, R., Franczuk, P., Tkaczyszyn, M., Suchocki, T. , Krekora, J., Opolski, G., Maggioni, A., Poloński, L., Ponikowski, P. and Jankowska, E.A. (2021). Burden of multimorbidity in a Polish cohort of ambulatory and hospitalized heart failure patients from two large European registry programs: prognostic implications. DOI: 10.20452/pamw.16101