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… and also cats … a little succesfull

use the magnifying glass to find the success –> first two suggestions on where the success is, sent on JSs email –> free icecream/coffee/homemade_vegan_bio_oatmeal (only one of the 3)

(all) kittens got successful

  • Mr. Sztuka “Nextflow vs Naïve Bash: Different approaches to SNP calling parallelisation on the Whole Genome Bovine Sequence” IB 2023 conference -> oral presentation !
  • Mr. Hajduk “Modelling gene co-expression in Rattus norvegicus under heat stress” IB 2023 conference -> oral presentation !
  • Mr. Liu “Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Distribution across exons and introns in the human genome” PTBI -> oral presentation !