ReDiverse: Biodiversity within and between European Red dairy breeds (ERA-NET)

Coordinated by prof. Dirk Hinrichs and prof. Georg Thaller

Major goals:

  • By creating improved breeding and conservation tools, ReDiverse can increase the efficiency of genomic selection and genomic conservation strategies
  • By characterising milk protein variants found in European Red dairy breeds, ReDiverse can identify variants beneficial effects
  • By social and economic analysis, ReDiverse can demonstrate and enhance the economic value of European Red dairy breeds and make them more competitive
  • ReDiverse can formulate a breeding plan, which simultaneously assures economic viability of European Red dairy breeds and maintain genetic variation




Preliminary results presented on the EAAP conference regarding Influence of pedigree on effective population size in European Red Dairy Cattle.



Economic values (in € per change in trait unit and cow-year), standard deviations and relative weights for the trait complex for the breeding goal traits for Polish dairy breeds: Polish Holstein (PH), Polish Red (PR).

Observed changes in revenues and costs due to a change of 1% increase in cow fertility expressed in € at herd level for Polish Red (PR) and Polish Holstein (PH).