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Program description in English and details.


Here are our new journal submissions. Please pray for them, evt. also take a look at them.
Exploring the potential genetic heterogeneity in the incidence of hoof and leg disorders in Austrian Fleckvieh and Braunvieh cattle
Patterns of DNA variation between the autosomes, the X chromosome and the Y chromosome in Bos taurus genome

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Conference details (description in Polish)

You are welcome to join our meeting with the company. The mission of mnm is providing cutting-edge genome analysis, understanding the genetic background of diseases as well as developing of new approaches required in personalized medicine.

The meeting will take place on 5th of February 2020 in the AB lecture hall. It is organised by the Bioinformatics Student Association.
More info:

Theta at night

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Data Science Pioneers

Feel free to join Data Science Pioneers movie screening organised by Bioinformatics Student Association.

“Data Science Pioneers – conquering the next frontier is a documentary investigating the future of data science with key data science leaders from Europe and North America.” More information can be found ➡️ HERE! ⬅️

Efron & Hastie Computer age statistical inference

She has some very serious (good) reading.

MX2019 from THETA and SKN

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Introduction to R/RStudio

This Saturday, BKS will be conducting an introductory course for R & Rstudio, during IIIth Doctoral Day. The course is intended for doctoral students, participants of doctoral schools and young scientists.