BKS does not stop publishing !

This time with an international collaboration.

New Covid paper by Theta researchers has been accepted

and is here by the publisher or here by Linkedin.

New papers!

Want to see the outcome of a collaboration with a student and across departments as done by BKS? The result is here and colleagues opinions are here.


Since Monday, The World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production (WCGALP) 2022 conference in Rotterdam has started. For 5 days researchers and professionals involved in the genetic improvement of livestock will share knowledge and interact on innovations in the area of genetics applied to livestock production that allow livestock production chains to meet future needs.


Our PhD Students: Krzysztof Kotlarz and Dawid Słomian are taking a part in this event on-site! Krzysztof is going to present a Pitch presentation about “The application of mixed linear models for the estimation of functional effects on bovine
stature based on SNP summary

Paper in BMC Microbiology publicly available!

Paper by Czech, B., Szyda, J., Wang, K. et al. Fecal microbiota and their association with heat stress in Bos taurusBMC Microbiol 22, 171, 2022 (IF: 3.605) is publicly available!

Oxford Statistical Genomics Summer School

Today Bartek started the Summer School in University of Oxford. The Summer School is focused on statistical aspects of analysis of NGS data using modern approaches, among others haplotype estimation and genotype imputation, GWAS, Bacterial GWAS, kmer-based GWAS, joint host-pathogen association studies, ancestry simulations, genealogical inference, and biostatistics of clinical genomics.

MNM + theta + SKN bioinf

Last week we had a chance to listen to a great presentation by MNM Diagnostics. The presentation is available here 🙂

New day, new paper

THETA’s paper made by Bartosz Czech, Joanna Szyda, Kai Wang, Hanpeng Luo, and Yachun Wang has been accepted for publication in BMC Microbiology. The paper is entitled ‘Fecal microbiota and their association with heat stress in Bos taurus’.

Next paper

The article under the title “The impact of rare Single Nucleotide Polymorphism variants on the genomic evaluation of dairy cattle” by Tomasz Suchocki, Michalina Jakimowicz, Andrzej Żarnecki, Arkadiusz Dziech and Joanna Szyda was accepted for publication by ANIMAL SCIENCE PAPERS AND REPORTS.

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