SKN Bioinf

Feel free to follow Bioinformatics Student Association updates 🙂 (description in Polish). Another SKN scientific PAPER is published!


This semester is going to be really serious:


student associations collaboration

The contest: iGEMcollaboration / student association

theta students are cool

Power is back!

Seminars reactivation!

XIX International Congress of ISAH

BKS is presenting 10th of September

THETA goes international

(B.) Czech qualified for the PhD School!


All (BKS, MM, TS, JS) are in Gent presenting.


On Thursday August 15th Magda Mielczarek is going to be a defence examiner at the University of Guelph. The PhD thesis titile is “From array genotypes to whole-genome sequences: harnessing genetic variation for dairy cattle selection.”