Does the length of CNV matter?

Polish Bioinformatics Society

The book of abstracts for PTBI conference in progress!

PTBI conference

The 1st EAAP presentation is ready

The 1st EAAP poster is ready

…and more!

Python matplotlib

Why R 2018

Today we participate in the Why R 2018 conference, also Barbara has a short talk about RNA-seq sequence analysis with R / Bioconductor

Python: List vs Dictionary


The week Magda is coding only in python (“Python for Biologists” course, 29.06-01.07.2018, Poznań). 


DKFZ, Foto: T. Schwerdt

JS goes beyond 🙂 at least for a week in DKFZ.


This weekend Theta will go on a business trip to Poznań Again! We will take part in  NGS data analysis course.