Our paper was accepted by the Animal journal. “Review: Long Non-Coding RNA in Livestock” BKS, MM, JS

ReDiverse, WP7

On 11th and 12th March we had the pleasure to host dr Morten Kargo from Aarhus University, dr Rūta Šveistienė and Šarūnė Marašinskienė from Lithuanian University of Health Science. We had many disscusions on breeding goals and conservation strategies for the European RedDairy Breeds.

study, not learn

Book reading at the biostatistic seminar.
– Tuesdays 12:30-15:00 reads Efron and Hastie “Computer age statistical inference”

– Tuesdays 15:00-17:30 reads Munzner “Visualization Analysis and Design”

Everyone is welcome to contribute and/or attend.

Sejmik UPWR

On 14 –15.05.2020 the International Student Conference will take place.  Four abstracts were submitted by Bioinformatics Student Association! Abstract titles:

  1. Impact of NGS data editing on the results of differential gene expression analysis in 2 groups of honeybees
  2. DE genes between fruit fly recombinants
  3. Distribution of SNPs in introns and exons in cattle
  4. Elongator – protein complex epigenetically regulating photomorphogenesis in Arabidopsis thaliana

Python Course

lectures by guests from the ReDiverse project

Bioinformatics Student Association!

wait for it…


Today, we had a pleasure (PERLasure?) to take part in the Perl Workshop organised by Bioinformatics Student Association. Many thanks to tutors and organizers. The key information: we ate pizza 🍕!

use strict;
use warnings;
print("Thank you\n");

How to be a 🐪?

To see the event details click ME!

SKN Bioinformatyków

MNM meeting took place today. Thank you for very interesting talk!