Who is Z?

Z is Zorro

Quiz – the eye of the Master

There are 140 boxplots on this image. Which boxplot sets are “really interesting”?
Answers to JS via the institutional email address.
DS and Z are excluded from the quiz. TS would have some small chance for the right answer, but TS does not look at this website … so the others have some tiny chance. Be brave.

NextFlow Training > run … watching other peoples’ scripts …. nice

It’s RNA time :)

This time the non-MDPI, patriotic one

The dream has come true

Research papers of the week – February 6, 2023 (scroll down)

… still working though

THETA at Festival of Genomics & Biodata (THETA alone in London)

This week, the THETA group took a part in the Festival of Genomics & Biodata in London on-site! The conference coverd the entire genomics workflow end-to-end, as well as how genomics data is integrated with forms of biodata to help make meaningful research.

PS: Next-flow booth was there too ;D


This year we do not have to work anymore … all is done.