Introduction to R/RStudio

This Saturday, BKS will be conducting an introductory course for R & Rstudio, during IIIth Doctoral Day. The course is intended for doctoral students, participants of doctoral schools and young scientists.

Paper accepted

Two-stage GWAS for the identification of causal 2variants underlying hoof disorders in cattle by T. Suchocki, Ch. Egger-Danner, H. Schwarzenbacher and J. Szyda accepted by Journal of Dairy Science

The Truth Is Out There

Presentation from ReDiverse 2019 meeting in Kiel is ready [Link]

Student Activity Days 2019

Feel free to win a cupcake during DAS 🙂

Author: Jagoda Pierścińska (Bioinformatics Student Association president)

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💻 See the short summary of the Bioinformatics Student Association meeting HERE (click me, click me!)


… fame and glory … whilst ordinary people just travel to the annual ReDiverse meeting where BKS has a presentation.

fame and glory

About our students 🙂

Let’s talk!

All students are welcome to join Bioinformatics Student Association meeting on 28.11.2019 (Thursday) at 5:45 pm. The meeting will take place in 7K room (Department of Genetics on Kożuchowska 7 street).

Step into the Future

On 30th of November 2019 National Student Biotechnology Conference “Step into the Future” (click me) will take place. The inaugural lecture related to Next Generations Sequencing data analysis will be given by Bioinformatics Student Association supervisor dr Magda Mielczarek. Moreover, Jagoda Pierścińska will present the poster focusing on pseudoalignment in gene expression profiling based on RNA-seq data.