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Analiza trendu genetycznego wybranych populacji bydła Holsztyńsko-Fryzyjskiego w latach 1995-2013. KK, JS, A. Żarnecki

The application of deep learning for the classification of correct and incorrect SNP genotypes from whole genome DNA sequencing pipelines. KK, MM, TS, BCz, B. Guldbrandtsen, JS


Come and learn with us, even if not officially signed for this (online) course … since it will not be boring.

JS <- vV # :-)

JS is now a vice-Vip (however still “bez pieczątki”) at the Discipline for Animal Breeding and Fisheries. Thus from now on communication and autograph requests only through the secretary.

Scientific Reports – published

“Patterns of DNA variation between the autosomes, the X chromosome and the Y chromosome in Bos taurus genome” by B. Czech, B. Guldbrandtsen & J. Szyda is already published in Scientific Reports.

Not feline issue anymore

The status: Schrödinger’s manuscript since 30th of July.

Feeling lonely and rejected?

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25th Summer Institute in Statistical Genetics (SISG)

BKS takes part in two biostatistical modules organized by University of Washington :

  • module 14 : GWAS and Sequencing Data
  • module 17: Computational Pipeline for WGS Data

Busy Summer!

During this summer, quite a lot of our students decided to take an opportunity to work with us as part of students training. They carry out various projects such as:

  • Parallel computing in Python
  • Analyse RNAseq data
  • Testing pseudo-random numbers generators from R and Python
  • Investigate the precision of calculations in linear models using floating-point numbers
  • Comparing the resources used when creating mixed models in R and Python

And more is yet to come!

Česká publikace

Vzory variací DNA mezi autosomy, chromozom X a chromozom Y v Bos taurus genom přijato k publikaci v Scientific Reports !!!