work by THETA in English (and later in Polish :-)

ReDiverse 2018 KIEL (Germany)

4th, 5th, 6th December Barbara and Joanna took part in ReDiverse 2018 meeting and discussed future work. Barbara had a short presentation on current situation of Polish Red cattle breed.


Polish National Agency For Academic Exchange

Magda is the laureate of the Bekker Programme scholarship. She is going to stay at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign for 3 months.

work by THETA

FastQC report

The one of reasons why we always check the data quality before the actual analysis 🙂


The meeting of Bioinformatics Student Association took place today. Many new students showed up and decided to join us. They will investigate duplications in whole Bos taurus (🐄) genomes, compare bioinformatics SNP pipelines and … many others.

Meeting of Bioinformatics Student Association

Spotkanie organizacyjne SKN Bioinformatyków odbędzie się w piątek (19.10.2018) o godzinie 14:30. Miejsce: Katedra Genetyki (Kożuchowska 7, 51-631 Wrocław), pokój nr 21. Kontakt: Magda Mielczarek.

theta group

You are welcome to join THETA  seminars!

XXVIIIth Genetic Days 2018

Today and tomorrow Barbara takes part in XXVIIIth Genetic Days 2018 and has a poster on comparison of LD structure between Braunvieh and Flechvieh cattle population based on single nucleotide polymorphisms