A fish grant

We are collaborators in a new project:
“Creation of a synthetic carp line with excessive anti-virus resistance using an innovative selection based on genetic markers”

A horse paper

Lewczuk, D., Bereznowski, A., Hecold, M., Frąszczak, M., Ruść, A., Korwin-Kossakowska, A., Szyda, J., Kamiński S.

Differences between horse selection based on two forms of osteochondrosis in fetlock.

Journal of Applied Genetics

Polish Bioinformatics Society Conference

PTBI Conference Organising Committee meeting took place today. This time, we discussed the conference schedule as well as some financial issues (contact: magda.mielczarek@upwr.edu.pl).

Power on!

This year 6 EAAP abstracts has been submitted by the theta group & Bioinformatics Student Association.

EAAP conference  SKN Bioinformatyków


R conference in Wrocław


The abstract for the International Student Conference organized by the Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences is submitted. Our Students will present “Construction of Bos taurus breed specific reference genomes” study 🙂

back in Wroclaw

WCGALP day 5

The premier event which was the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production came to the end! Today we had a pleasure to listen to Profesor Gianola lecture titled “Robust alternatives to best linear unbiased prediction of complex traits” during the Theory to Application session. Not less interesting were two other session we participated and there were Molecular Genetics as well as Methods and Tools – Imputation.

 A. Bouwman: Imputation accuracy of whole-genome sequence in pigs

WCGALP day 4

Today Magda had a chance to discuss her CNV project (Copy number variations within and among diverse cattle breeds) with researchers she used to cite in her articles! 🙂

WCGALP day 3

Theta’s projects such as “Assessing DNA sequence features underlying copy number variants” (JS) and “Combining SNP-chip and whole genome sequence data towards the identification of causal mutations underlying feet and leg disorders in cattle” (TS) were presented today. The Molecular Genetics session captured, amog of others, new developments of animal QTLdb and CorrDB databases as well as meta-analysis of genomes. The Plenary Session was about using ancient DNA from commensal animals to reconstruct Pacific prehistory and migration pathways.