scholarship 2.0

Another round of advertising for our NCN PhD scholarship is HERE
Round 1.0 –> no-one has applied or no-one has qualified ???


7020b9dee7FAANG Europe COST Hackathon took place at the University of Copenhagen last week. During the meeting we were collecting the small RNA and long non-coding RNA data and testing different pipelines. The FAANG initiative aims to carry out of the functional annotation of non coding RNA in farm animals.

a new paper !!!


03.11. –> seminar offline

10:00 long noncoding RNA M. Mielczarek
11:00 mushroom picking M. Fr─ůszczak
12:00 APY inverse of the relationship matrix T. Suchocki


Magda Mielczarek is going to paricipate in FAANG Europe COST Hackathon meeting. It takes place on November 24-25th in Copenhagen.The aim of the meeting is conslutation about the animal genome analysis and non-coding RNA annotation future work. cost

6th Polish Illumina Symposium at UAM

JS is invited to give a lecture at the 6th Polish Illumina Symposium at UAM. The major goal is to show that interesting things can be done with Illumina also for livestock ­čśë
the program is –> here


We have a new PhD – Magda has obtained her degree today.

Praktyki studenckie (Bioinformatyka)

Oceny z praktyk studenckich

seminar 2.0

13.09 10:00
Prof. Wojciech Makałowski, the University of Münster
“Nanopore Sequencing for Genotyping Pathogens of Tropical Diseases – Bioinformatics Challenges”

seminar 1.0

08.09 10:00
Dr. Pawe┼é Sztromwasser “Improving detection of gene duplications in whole-genome sequencing data using allelic depth imbalance”