PBA BSc thesis “Analysis of genomic variation in CNV regions of Bos taurus” succesfully defended by Biotr Barski. We investigated the influence of sequence complexity on CNVs.

Theta meets Alpha

Last week we had a great pleasure to participate in 3 workshops and 1 seminar leaded by Professor John Hickey from The Roslin Institute University of Edinburgh in Scotland.


Sejmik SKN

logoTomorrow (25.05.2017), during the “XXII Międzynarodowa konferencja SKN” conference, our students will present the pilot project about the new reference genome specific for Brown Swiss cattle (abstract). The detailed schedule of the conference can be found in the programme.

Theta meets Alpha

06.06.2017- 09.06. 2017 Professor John Hickey from The Roslin Institute University of Edinburgh in Scotland will visit Theta. Workshops cover topics such as an animal and plant breeding, genomic selection, phasing and imputation of genotypes. The seminar focuses on the next generation plant and animal breeding.

The detailed schedule of the event is aviable here!


Platforma technologiczna


Within the frame of a meeting of the Technological Platform Theta & IZ presented info on the current status of the genomic evaluation in Poland.


1accepted for the Journal of Dairy Science

“Analysis of Copy Number Variations in Holstein-Friesian Cow Genomes Based on Whole Genome Sequence Data”

M. Mielczarek, M. Frąszczak, R. Giannico, G. Minozzi, J.L. Williams, K. Wojdak-Maksymiec, and me

2 x seminar

This week, dr. Paweł Sztromwasser will give two short talks:
1. Bioinformatician job description and requirements (Tuesday at 9:30; Kożuchowska 5 street, room no 106)
2. NGS of microbial genomes (Thursday at 9:30; Kożuchowska 7 street, seminar room – no 17)

Course statistics in medicine

Theta together with QUANTUP ( gave the course about statistics in medicine for employees of hospital in Białystok.

Świnka theta

I thought it is a serious website … but found this uploaded picture. Meaning it is NOT a serious website.

świnka theta

Annual Student Conference

On 25 –26.05.2017 UP WROC organises the annual international conference called  “XXII MIĘDZYNARODOWA  KONFERENCJA  SKN”. The abstract written by our bechelor students Bartosz Czech, Eryk Dobkowski, Piotr Barski and Michał Odziemczyk is submitted 🙂