Polish Bioinformatics Society Conference

PTBI Conference Organising Committee meeting took place today. We detaily discussed the programme of the conference, keynote speakers lectures order as well as some accommodation and banquet issues.

Students support before and during the conference would be also appreciated (contact: magda.mielczarek@upwr.edu.pl).

New Year’s resolutions ;)

The Bioinformatics Student Association schedule for 2018 is ready! ➡️ //theta.edu.pl/teaching/skn-bioinformatykow/ (description in Polish in the update section). 



SKN Bioinfo

Bioinformatics Student Association update ➡️ ➡️ ➡️ www.upwr.edu.pl/studenci/15126/skn_bioinformatykow.html

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This time a selection of some illegal business of THETA (that is why in Polish)


Theta is the part of the Polish Bioinformatics Society Conference Organising Committee. Students support before and during the conference would be appreciated.

The PTBI Symposium is an annual conference devoted to the issues of bioinformatics, a basic field underling the modern molecular biology. We are expecting about 80 guests from around the world.

Contact: magda.mielczarek@upwr.edu.pl

Polskie Towarzystwo Bioinformatyczne



The kick-off meeting for the ReDiverse project is over and the work starts. We need a postdoc.


The comparison between Polish and German dairy cattle population involving production traits, SCS and LD pattern is published in the Journal of Applied Genetics.

New arrivals

Barbara Kosińska-Selbi and Екатерина Орлова are our new PhD students!