A PhD program

Within the frame of the PhD school carried out by the University there is a possibility to enter a PhD program in Polish or English.

draft schedule of the recruitment process:
09.08 (general assessment of written applications)
22.08-23.08 (I stage: evaluation of written applications)
28.08-30.08 (II stage: interviews with Polish applicants)
02.09-03.09 (II stage: interviews with foreign applicants)
04.09-05.09 (publication of the final list)

–> descriptions in Polish
–> topics in Polish (ours are in section “dyscyplina: nauki biologiczne“)


Today Barbara presented her poster at Bit19  (Bioinformatics in Toruń 2019).

invited speaker


At the end, it is worth to be the MSc supervisor

Bartek —————–>bioinformatician at Roche

If not PhD … then work

e.g. in Poznań

Python for biologists

This weekend Barbara had a chance to participate in the course ‘Python for Biologists’ organised by ideas4biology.com in Poznań.


yet another continent conquered

Sejmik UP

Bartosz Czech who is the leader of the Bioinformatics Student Association took the first place in “Biology Section” of XXIV International Student Conference. Congratulations!


On 02.05.2019, at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign the Genomic Biology Symposium took place. There were few interesting lectures related to  current issues in the life sciences, e.g. “How to Build a Dog in 2,392,715,236 Simple Steps” about the genomic variation in dog or “Moving Towards Improving Photosynthesis in Cassava, a Tropical Orphan-crop” about increasing the efficiency of photosynthesis in manioc in order to combat global hunger.

Magda also talked about mastitis study during the poster session.

NGS conference in Wrocław

see the link