EAAP 2020

M. Mielczarek, S.L. Rodriguez-Zas, J. Szyda, B. Southey. Group specific CNVs in scouts and recruits of honeybee.

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K. Kotlarz, J. Szyda, B. Czech, M. Mielczarek, T. Suchocki, B. Guldbrandtsen. Don’t play too much! Deep learning to classify true and false positive SNPs in whole genome sequence.

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J. Szyda, B. Czech, K. Wang, S. Chen, Y. Wang. The application of mixed linear models for the analysis of microbiome influence on heat stress in Chinese Holstein cows.

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B. Czech, J. Szyda, K. Wang, S. Chen, Y. Wang. The effect of pipelines and databases on the analysis of the fecal microbiota of dairy cattle.

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B. Kosińska-Selbi, M. Jakimowicz, T. Suchocki, M. Skarwecka, A. Żarnecki, W. Jagusiak, J. Szyda. Genome-Wide Association Study for Milking Speed and Temperament in Holstein-Friesian bulls.

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B. Kosińska-Selbi, Ch. Schmidtmann, M. Kargo, J. F. Ettema, J. Szyda. Estimation of economical values for Polish Holstein, Polish Red and Scandinavian Red.

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M. Jakimowicz, T. Suchocki, B. Kosińska-Selbi, A. Żarnecki, W. Jagusiak, M. Kopeć-Morek and J. Szyda. Genome-wide genomic and functional association study for direct calving ease in Holstein cattle.

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T. Suchocki, A. Żarnecki, M. Jakimowicz and J. Szyda. Impact of rare SNP variants on the genomic evaluation for conception rate.

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PTBI 2020

B. Czech, J. Szyda, B. Guldbrandtsen. Patterns of DNA variation between the autosomes, the X chromosome and the Y chromosome in Bos taurus genome.

M. Kołomański, J. Szyda, M. Frąszczak, M. Mielczarek. DNA sequence features underlying large-scale duplications and deletions in humans.

K. Kotlarz, M. Mielczarek, T. Suchocki, B. Czech, B. Guldbrandtsen, J. Szyda. Deep learning algorithms for the imbalanced classification of correct and incorrect SNP genotypes from WGS pipelines.

2nd CiBreed Fall Workshop 2020

J. Liu, T. Suchocki, J. Szyda. Tuning the genomic evaluation system of Holstein-Friesian cattle


ReDiverse 2019

B. Kosińska-Selbi, Ch. Schmidtmann, S. Marasinskiene, M. Kargo  Derivation of economic values for Red breeds

XIX International Congress of ISAH

B. Kosińska-Selbi, M. Frąszczak, T.Suchocki, Ch. Egger-Danner, H. Schwarzernbacher, J. Szyda. Genetic variants underlying hoof diseases in Braunvieh and Fleckvieh cattle

EAAP 2019

B. Kosińska-Selbi, M. Frąszczak, T.Suchocki, Ch. Egger-Danner, H. Schwarzernbacher, J. Szyda. Genome-Wide Association Study for Leg Disorders in Austrian Braunvieh and Fleckvieh

T. Suchocki, B. Czech, M. Siwek and J. Szyda SNP prioritisation for immune responses traits in chicken

M. Mielczarek, M. Frąszczak, J. Szyda. Modulation of gene expression by CNVs

B. Czech, B. Guldbrandtsen, J. Szyda. Patterns of genetic variation between autosomes and sex chromosomes in Bos taurus genome

B. Czech, T.Suchocki, J. Szyda. SNP prioritisation in GWAS with dense marker sets


B. Kosińska-Selbi, M. Frąszczak, T.Suchocki, Ch. Egger-Danner, H. Schwarzernbacher, J. Szyda. Differences in genomic structure between two cattle breeds

IGB Fellows Symposium

J.Szyda, M. Mielczarek, M. Frąszczak, G. Minozzi, R. Giannico, JL. Williams, K. Wojdak-Maksymiec.The genetic background of clinical mastitis in Holstein-Friesian cattle


XXVIIth Genetic Days 2018

B. Kosińska-Selbi, J. Szyda, Ch. Egger-Danner, H. Schwarzernbacher, Comparison of LD structure between Braunvieh and Fleckvieh cattle population based on single nucleotide polymorphism

PTBI 2018

J. Szyda M. Mielczarek, M. Frąszczak, G. Minozzi, J. Williams, K. Wojdak-Maksymiec. Unraveling the genetic background of clinical mastitis in dairy cattle using WGS

B. Kosińska-Selbi, J. Szyda, M. Frąszczak, T. Suchocki, Ch. Egger-Danner, H. Schwarzenbacher Genome-wide analysis of single nucleotide polymorphism underlying  feet and leg disorders for Austrian Braunvieh cattle

EAAP 2018

M. Mielczarek, M. Frąszczak, J.Szyda Impact of copy number polymorphisms on gene expression

M. Frąszczak, M. Mielczarek, N. Czerwik, E. Nicolazzi, J.L. Williams, J.Szyda Analysis of copy number variation regions in bovine genome

B. Czech, M. Mielczarek, M. Frąszczak, J. Szyda Breed specific reference genomes in cattle

J.Szyda, M. Mielczarek Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms underlying mastitis predisposition in Polish-Holstein Friesian cows

Why R ? 2018

B.Kosińska-Selbi, J.Szyda RNA-seq sequence analysis with R/Bioconductor


M.Mielczarek, M. Frąszczak, E.L. Nicolazzi, J. L.Williams, J. Szyda.  Copy number variations within and among diverse cattle breeds.

J. Szyda, P. Barski, M. Mielczarek & M. Frąszczak Assessing DNA sequence features underlying copy number variants.

T. Suchocki, Ch. Egger-Danner, H. Schwarzenbacher, M. Mielczarek & J. Szyda Combining SNP-chip and whole genome sequence data towards the identification of causal mutations underlying feet and leg disorders in cattle .



DGfZ Tagung 2017

B. Czech, E. Dobkowski, M. Mielczarek, M. Frąszczak, J. Szyda. The construction of Bos taurus breed specific reference genomes for Fleckvieh, Simmental, Guernsey and Brown Swiss.

EAAP 2017

J.Szyda, M. Mielczarek, M. Frąszczak, G. Minozzi, R. Giannico, JL. Williams, K. Wojdak-Maksymiec. Unravelling the Genetic Background of Clinical Mastitis in Cattle Using Whole Genome Sequence.

M. Mielczarek, M. Frąszczak, J. Szyda. False Positives structural deletions.


J. Szyda. Beyond GWAS the application of SNP-chips in genomic selection.

M. Frąszczak, M. Mielczarek, J.Szyda, the G2F Consortium memebers. The analysis of CNV regions in five breeds of bulls