Finally some Biostat

Plan for the visit of our guest, Prof. Dr. Frank Konietschke from the Institute of Biometry and Clinical Epidemiology at the Charité Berlin



10.06 16:00 seminar – Theta group members presentations and discussions (Seminar room Institute of Genetics) hybrid

11.06 10:30 guest lecture The Max-t and Wilcoxon-Mann-Whitney test for high-dimensional Repeated Measures and multivariate Designs” (AB lecture hall) onsite

12.06 10:30 guest lecture “Mixed Models and Repeated Measures Designs” following discussions (Seminar room Institute of Genetics) hybrid


for seminar access please contact Marek Sztuka

for materials you can check our seminar page

THETA at European Human Genetics Conference (ESHG 2024) on-site!

Check out our posters:
JS: The distribution of single nucleotide polymorphisms across consecutive exons and introns of the human genome
MM: The effect of transcriptomic annotations in breast cancer differential gene expression study
JL: A three-level modeling for identifying important predictor
variables in genome-wide association studies suffering
from p >> n

KK: Differences in cell type composition in the liver by the linear mixed model in the deconvolution method under thermal stress conditions

Success follow success

New project our SKN


This month is all about fish! Destiny has its way!

The pet who helped Marek to win the 1st price at the Student Research Project Conference

This is what KK does in his free time … ambarassing but true

NGS conference

Great NGS conference in Wrocław! –> V Wrocławska Konferencja Sekwencjonowania Następnej Generacji

cats in the (semi)natural habitat

Finally, sth NICE, no bioinformatics involved.
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