TS got crazy and all his teaching has been cancelled …

New paper in Biostatistics & Epidemiology

New Theta’s paper prepared with collaboration with student is published! Paper was made by Michalina Jakimowicz, Tomasz Suchocki, Jakub Liu and Joanna Szyda, and it’s entitled
‘Modeling the spatial distribution of COVID-19 infections in Europe reveals no similarities between countries during the first year of the pandemic.’


First SKN Bioinformatyków 2022/2023 meeting

Today, 14.11 at 18:00, the first meeting of SKN Bioinformatyków 2022/2023. See You on Discord!

New paper in Frontiers in Microbiology

THETA’s paper made by Bartosz Czech, Yachun Wang, Kai Wang, Hanpeng Luo, Lirong Hu, and Joanna Szyda has been accepted for publication in Frontiers in Microbiology (IF=6.064). The paper is entitled ‘Host transcriptome and microbiome interactions in Holstein cattle under heat stress condition.

MED.DATA Conference

This week KK will take a part in MED.DATA Conference in Warsaw. The goal is to introduce you to the topic of digitization, opening and use of medical data in Poland, showing you the experience of top practitioners in this field. Take a part: on-site or online (Click the picture):

Copy right violation of Henner Simianer … disaster actually

Copy right violation of Daniel Gianola … but still

and “There are more GWASes than genes … there must be something wrong”

Lungs Decoded Challenge

For brave enough:

THETA tour better

We at the PAN … finally it is obvious who is the REAL boss (and who has the best ears … sorry :-).