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Finally, sth NICE, no bioinformatics involved.
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Another paper 👑

The Nextflow paper by M. Sztuka, K. Kotlarz, M. Mielczarek, P. Hajduk, J. Liu and J. Szyda has been accepted for publication in NAR Genomics and Bioinformatics! The tile: “NextFlow vs. plain Bash: Different Approaches to the Parallelisation of SNP Calling from the Whole Genome Sequence Data”

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x axis from 0 to 2 BUT y axis from 2 to 0 … so only for people with IQ >> 250

MSCA-PF 2024: Bioinformatics, Biostatistics, population genetics applied to livestock and human medical data

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if you want to give it a try, info is here.
The deadline is 30.04.2024

30th Genetic Days

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New paper

Long non-coding RNAs Variability in Porcine Skeletal Muscle” manuscript has been accepted for publication in Journal of Applied Genetics (140 points, IF=2.4) 🙂…teaser: Venn diagram shows the number of common LncRNAs between individuals (PL1-PL6).

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