About me


1). Postgraduate studies from Advance Data Science, Wrocław University of Economy, 2020 -2021

2) PhD. studies in field of Animal Science,Wroclaw University of Environmental And Life Science, since 2017 – ongoing

3). master engineer of Biotechnology, Wroclaw University of Technology, 2013 – 2015

4). bachelor’s degree from Bioinformatics, Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Science, 2010 -2013

Research interest: 

Bioinformatics, GWAS, statistics, Machine Learning, genetics, programing (Python, R), estimation of economical values and breeding goals.



Kozuchowska, 7 Wroclaw

office No: 14


Consultations are currently only available online, based on the previous email contact.


  • Statistical methods in biology (Metody statystyczne w biologii)
  • Mathematical statistics (Statystyka matematyczna)
  • Data Analysis (Analiza Danych)
  • Statistical Packages (Pakiety statystyczne)
  • The latest achievements in bioinformatics (Najnowsze osiągnięcia w bioinformatyce)

Conducted courses & workshops:

  • Introduction to R/RStudio. Wrocław (2019)

Taken courses & workshops:

  • Introduction to Metagenomics, virtual workshop (2020)
  • module 14 : GWAS and Sequencing Data, University of Washington, 2020
  • module 17: Computational Pipeline for WGS Data, University of Washington,2020
  • Python course by Krzysztof Mędrela. (2020)
  • Data analysis and visualization of biological data with R. Poznań (2020)
  • Statistical analysis with Excel (ToolPak). Wrocław (2019)
  • Practical aspects of molecular data analysis. Poznań (2019)
  • Python for biologist. Poznań, Poland (2019)
  • Data analysis in R. Wrocław, Poland (2018)
  • RNA-seq data analysis. Poznań, Poland (2018)
  • Introduction to NGS data analysis. Poznań, Poland (2018)
  • Ethics of animal use in research. Wrocław, Poland (2018) 
  • High Performance Computing for genomic applications. Poznań, Poland (2018)
  • Statistical methods for Genome-Enabled Selection. Wrocław, Poland (2018) 
  • Python data camp. Wrocław, Poland (2017)


Kosińska-Selbi, B., Suchocki, T., Egger-Danner, Ch., Schwarzenbacher, H., Frąszczak, M. and Szyda, J.
Exploring the potential genetic heterogeneity in the incidence of hoof disorders in Austrian Fleckvieh and Braunvieh cattle.
Frontiers in Genetics – accepted, IF(2019)=3.258.

Kosińska-Selbi, B.,  Mielczarek, M.,  Szyda, J. Review: Long Non-Coding RNA in Livestock.
Animal 14(10), pp. 2003-2013, IF(2019)=2.400.


  • EAAP 2020 virtual
  • eRum 2020
  • ISAH 2019
  • EAAP 2019
  • BIT 2019
  • Why R ? 2018. Wrocław
  • PTBI 2018. Wrocław
  • XXVIIth Genetic Days 2018. Czeskie Budziejowice

Projects involved:

  • Bioinformatic analysis of lameness and hoof disease traits in dairy cattle with the emphasis on epistasis
  • ReDiverse: Biodiversity within and between European Red dairy breeds (ERA-NET)


  • Member of the European Federation for Animal Science (EAAP).
  • Member of EAAP Cattle Study Commission!