Routine estimation of GEBV for the Polish dairy cattle population

investigators: Research Institute of Animal Breeding Balice, Joanna Szyda, Tomasz Suchocki, Magda Mielczarek

Routine evaluation of GEBV (Genomically Enhanced Breeding Value) in Poland includes bulls belonging to the Polish Holstein-Friesian breed (majority Black-and-White, nothing much Red-and-White). The genomic information is incorporated in a form of thousands of SNPs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism) genotypes originating from a microarray technology. The evaluation is performed for prodution (milk, protein and fat yield), fertility (e.g. non return rates for heifers and for cows), udder health (Somatic Cell Score, SCS) and conformation (e.g. body depth, chest width, dairy character ) traits.

The number of bulls in the reference group from 08.2015

Average accuracy of GEBV for young bulls from 08.2015. PL – Polish, EG – Euro Genomics populations.

GEBV accuracies